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Court of Mermaids is an organization of talented performers who wish to inspire children and adults alike to see the magic in our world. We aspire to provide quality entertainment while advocating for ocean and nature conservation, preserving the arts, and encouraging imagination and creativity. If you are interested in having Court of Mermaids at your next event, send us a contact form!

As an organization, our focus is on volunteer performances for our communities. Court of Mermaids has performed at many local events such as renaissance fairs, fantasy fairs, charity events, holiday celebrations, library story times, special occasions at public pools, and much more. Our merfolk attend these public events on a volunteer basis, offering their time, talent, and costumes with the hope of brightening someone's day. CoM provides any necessary set pieces for these events free of charge.

Unsure if your event qualifies as private or public? Send a message, we're happy to discuss it with you! 


Public Events

Our merfolk are available for private bookings as well! This includes birthday parties, pool parties (our favorite!), company events, photoshoots, etc. CoM facilitates the hiring of our merfolk as independent contractors, and takes no cut from their earnings. Base prices for private merfolk bookings through CoM are as follows:

  • Land Events: $100 per mermaid for the first hour, $35/hr per mermaid after that.

  • Water Events: $110 per mermaid for the first hour, $45/hr per mermaid after that.

CoM will provide seating for the mermaid and a small shell-throne backdrop for your event. If you wish to use another set piece of ours, contact us to negotiate a rental. 

Private Events

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