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About Us

Court of Mermaids was founded by Mermaid Celestia Pearl in 2015 with the help of Mermaid Morgan and Mermaid Minya. Originating as a performance group based in the Salt Lake Valley, we now perform in many of the surrounding areas, and occasionally beyond! Our members volunteer their time, costumes, and characters to bring magic to our communities and raise awareness of the damage being done to our oceans and waterways. Each of our performers are talented and passionate individuals who bring something unique to the pod. We're also available for private parties!

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What is CoM?

Meet the Owners

Mermaid Alkmoini and her husband,

head mertender Elias Gallagher, have been performing as a mermaid and pirate duo since 2018. Both lovers of theatre and the arts, they delight in using their creative skills to benefit the pod. Ownership of Court of Mermaids was passed to Alkmoini and Elias in 2021. They were honored to take up the mantle, and strive to serve the pod to the best of their abilities.

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