Court of Mermaids is a mermaid pod located in Utah. Our group of royal mermaids support local educational, charity, and cultural events in our community. We offer a unique sense of enchantment with our striking, elaborate characters, charming demeanor, and family friendly atmosphere. Our royals are ready to wow your guests, at events big or small. Use the Contact Us button below to request an appearance!





Court of Mermaids has many different performance options to help make your big day truly magical.

Event Calendar

The court's upcoming event dates, times, and locations can be found here. This includes recurring events.

Court Titles

Click below to familiarize yourself with the different titles used by the mermaids and mermen of the court.


The Court of Mermaids could not be where it is today without the help of some very special friends.


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Booking Information

Court of Mermaids has many different options when booking a mermaid or merman appearance. We are able to accommodate most venues, and support all kinds of charities, corporations, private parties, or facilities in our community by catering to their requests. Want something special that you don't see on this list? We would love to hear your ideas! Use the Contact Us section to book an appearance today!

~ Meet & Greet with Clam Shell Throne
~ Mermaid Story Time
~ Lessons on Ocean Conversation or Sealife
~ Birthday Parties
~ Water Performances
~ Mermaid Swim School
~ Mermaid Mail, including personalized letter and autographed photo
~ Brand/Marketing Support or Endorsement
~ Modeling, both on land and underwater
~ "Mermaid for a Day" Personal Transformation
~ Underwater Photo or Video Shoot
Utah Renaissance Faire
August 25th & 26th
Ashton Blvd N 2300 W, Lehi, Utah 84043
The Court of Mermaids is honored to once again be attending the Utah Renaissance Faire at Thanksgiving Point. Come to meet and take photos with your favorite royal merfolk along with enjoying all that the Faire has to offer!

Queens and Kings

These are the great rulers over all the oceans and seas. Queens and Kings typically rule over one oceanic domain, and ensure the care of all sea-creatures. Their tails are beautifully detailed and very realistic. They can perform for humans in a variety of settings, from sitting on shore to swimming in the seas.

Princesses and Princes

These royal members of the court help to monitor the world's seas and oceans. Their tails are typically scale-less and softer, more like fabric. However, this does not take away from their beautiful nature, or their ability to perform for and educate the humans.

Royals In Waiting

There are many young merfolk who are not yet of the age or experience to be crowned royalty, but who are still members of the court. These are Gentlemen and Ladies In Waiting. They help tend to the lagoon and its royal court, and are one day destined to join the court as full members.

Thank You!

Court of Mermaids would be nothing without our friends, family, and all of our wonderful supporters. It's because of you that we can help bring a little more magic into the world. We'd like to thank those who have donated time, money, and other resources to the group. Below is a list, though by no means exhaustive, of the people who have helped make Court of Mermaids what it is today.
Spencer Shattuck
Sabrina Ooi
Amy Nielson
Bethany Macias
Time Is But A Moment Photography